• goes by: renee
  • emote: 🌻 (sunflower)
  • pronouns: he / him
  • age: early-mid 20s (rarely regresses)
  • gender: agender (amab)
  • orientation: bisexual
  • species: human
  • role: responsible

fictive info

  • fictive of: hinata hajime
  • source: super danganronpa 2 (post-canon)
  • source talk: sure i guess?
  • treat as source: yeah within reason
  • doubles: sure
  • kins: sure
  • sourcemates: sure


hey i'm renee, you can call me hinata too. only call me hajime if we're close

  • i mostly come around to deal with academic stress or to hang out with mae
  • i like to think i'm pretty down-to-earth and good-humored
  • i act more irritable than i am (i have resting bitch face/tone)
  • i'm definitely the best at masking as the host out of all of us
  • i fucking love doing group projects
  • i'm shy about affectionate stuff sometimes but i'm also a huge sap it's a conflict of interests
  • i'm dating mae

  • getting things done
  • alternative, indie rock, and chill electronic music
  • loose-fitting clothes (like hawaiian shirts and shorts)
  • being in the sun

  • don't show me a lot of affection unless we know each other well
  • don't be a dick to mae

  • keiichi (higurashi)
  • mac (foster's home for imaginary friends)
  • shinji (nge)
  • dwight fairfield (dead by daylight)
  • protagonist (ddlc)
  • kouta (elfen lied)

age info
  • i regress to roughly ages 3-6
  • i don't regress very much
  • not sure if it's regression or age sliding, idk the difference
  • only talk to me if you know the system well
  • i mostly don't control when it happens
  • i can get pretty disoriented and confused so be patient or whatever