• goes by: mae, nagito
  • emote: 🌸 (cherry blossom)
  • pronouns: they / hu
  • age: early-mid 20s (sometimes regresses)
  • gender: agender (amab)
  • orientation: gay
  • species: human
  • role: co-host and maybe protector!

introject info

  • introject of: komaeda nagito
  • source: super danganronpa 2 (post-canon)
  • source talk: yes, but i might dip out of conversations about myself since i don't want to make anyone feel awkward!
  • treat as source: yes (but don't be weird about it, please!)
  • doubles: yes!
  • kins: sure!
  • sourcemates: sure!



hello! my name is mae, but you can call me nagito if we're close!

  • i'm very observant of my surroundings.
  • i'm typically not afraid to say how i feel, even if it comes off as rude. i don't mean to be, though!
  • i'm also not afraid to speak for our other system members if they won't do it themselves.
  • i try to be friendly!
  • i try to be of help when the executive dysfunction gets bad, ahaha.
  • i am engaged to / partner systems with renee!

  • naps
  • video essays
  • animal videos (especially dogs and rabbits)
  • reading (especially classics)
  • cleaning and organizing
  • jane eyre
  • video games
  • animal crossing

  • please do not call my source "it."
  • please do not talk about my source's trauma around me.
  • please do not imply that someone is the only "real" version of my source.

  • rabbits
  • rena (higurashi)
  • ralsei (deltarune)
  • seiichi (chi no wadachi)
  • kaworu (nge)
  • tim (marble hornets)
  • lapis (steven universe)
  • n (pkmn bw/bw2)
  • sayori (ddlc)
  • elsen (off)
  • miyuki (lucky star)
  • itsuki (haruhi suzumiya)
  • helen burns (jane eyre)
  • misa (death note)
  • ena (ena)

age info
  • i regress to roughly ages 1-3!
  • i regress fairly often!
  • i'm not entirely sure if it's just regression or true age sliding?
  • i am okay with people talking to me while i am regressed so long as i know them already!
  • i don't control when it happens.
  • be gentle with me, please!