• goes by: nat, n
  • emote: 🧮 (abacus)
  • pronouns: he / they / math-based neopronouns
  • age: early 20s
  • gender: what's that? (amab)
  • orientation: :)
  • species: normal-type human / pokemon
  • role: unknown!

fictive info

  • fictive of: natural harmonia gropius
  • source: pokemon b/w & b2/w2
  • source talk: sure!
  • treat as source: within reason!
  • doubles: yes!
  • kins: sure!
  • sourcemates: okay!


Hello!!! My name is N but I also go by Nat. I respond to both! :D

  • I am very enthusiastic and I love to infodump!
  • I'm a little socially awkward, but I'm not shy!
  • I was raised by pokemon, so I consider myself to be one! the closest equivalent in this universe may be the word "therian." but please know that I genuinely consider myself to be a pokemon and a human! :D
  • I can be a little scattered and speak too fast sometimes. sorry!
  • I am always stimming! I like fidget toys, I rock, I flap, and if I get excited I hit myself on the arms and legs!
  • I actually usually use proper grammar when typing, but I thought it would be in better taste to match the aesthetic of the rest of the website. :p
  • I am a normal type because normal types hold the possibility for all things! normal types are not boring. :)

  • MATH!
  • amusement park rides
  • physics
  • videos about math and science
  • upbeat instrumental music!
  • talking to people!!!
  • talking about math to people!!!
  • POKEMON!!!

  • Please do not talk about any form of child abuse, neglect, abandonment, or exploitation around me. :(
  • Or any form of animal abuse, for that matter!
  • If you say math is boring around me, I will do my best to prove you wrong!

  • Again, I am a "therian," but not for any particular type of pokemon!
  • jade harley (homestuck)