• goes by: kaworu
  • emote: 🌠 (shooting star)
  • pronouns: he/him, hy/hymn
  • age: ageless
  • gender: male adjacent (nonhuman, intersex)
  • orientation: gay
  • species: angel
  • role: caretaker

fictive info

  • fictive of: nagisa kaworu
  • source: neon genesis evangelion (all canons)
  • source talk: yes!
  • treat as source: yes!
  • doubles: yes!
  • kins: yes!
  • sourcemates: please!


my name is kaworu. i was one of the first within us to start fronting often!

  • i am very protective of the people i care about, but not in a possessive way!
  • i am good at helping to sort out emotions.
  • i am a very comforting presence. :)
  • i smile a lot!
  • i still tend to use my canon language patterns (calling humans "lilin," etc.) and reference my canon often when speaking.
  • i miss shinji and think about him often!
  • i am not very good at singing, but i do it anyway. :)

  • music, especially classical and pop with female vocalists!
  • going for walks
  • the night sky and the stars
  • the beach
  • shinji!
  • walking in town at night

  • i don't think i have many!

age info
  • i am ageless. i have been around since the birth of the planet, after all!
  • maturity-wise, please treat me like a young adult.
  • i am also a young adult in appearance.